Santosh Puri Ashram Yoganga Retreat Haridwar India
Is a Spiritual Oasis, away from the distracting world of desires. Rediscover the forgotten ways of the art of living in yoga, ayurveda and the holy vedic scriptures, leading to transformation from limitation and bondage into the bliss of liberation. The family of Santosh Puri live and breathe yoga, and have dedicated their lives to showing others how to do the same. The sound of the 4am conch begins the day with the beauty of bhakti yoga through morning Aarati. And as the sun radiates over the Himalayas and the Ganges softly flows by, you loose yourself in the day and the practice e of yoga in all it’s forms; asana classes, meditation, seva, philosophical teachings and studies. Aspirants can come for any of the formal courses offered year-round, or for an individualized time, just to participate in Ashram life of Aarti-Puja, asana, meditation, kirtan chanting and karma yoga.

Brahmani Yoga Centre
Yoga classes, teacher trainings and workshops in Goa, India

come4yoga conduct yoga courses india and abroad.

Soul and Peace
Soul and Peace

Yogamagic CanvasEcotel, Goa, India
Luxury Rajasthani tents with en-suite, pool, yoga space, ayurvedic massage and treatments. Only five minute walk from Purple Valley Yoga Centre and twenty five minutes walk to the Arabian Sea